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The PlayStation Vita

Another handheld gaming console manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment. After its successful gaming consoles PlayStation came up with its new portable PlayStation ‘PS Vita’, was first exclusively released in Japan together with some parts of Asia, that chiefly competes with Nintendo 3DS. Sony Computer Entertainment named it as Vita which means “Life” in Latin.

The PlayStation Vita comes with two different versions one that supports 3G and the othe
r without 3G with cheap price.And its 3G Wi-Fi model is available in market with a default 4 GB memory card. The PlayStation Vita is incompatible with standard memory cards such as SD cards. Its hardware includes a 5-inch (130 mm) OLED multi-touch capacitive touch screen, built-in GPS receiver, supports Bluetooth, featuring a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor and a quad-Core SGX543MP4+ GPU ( Graphical Processing Unit, that gives it astonishing graphics performing at a lever near to original Xbox) along with 512 MB of system RAM and 128 MB of VRAM. It includes LiveArea software as its main UI (User interface).

At a conference held inJapanin early days of PS Vita’s release Sony revealed some information about PlayStation Vita cards that it would also have another storage option, “Removable Memory”, and PS Vita will be equipped with a storage media slot, so user can choose their memory capacity based on their use. And also revealed some other facts about it such as PlayStation cores will be cored along with camera features, face detection, head detection and head tracking capabilities allowing user with customization and personalization.

Kaillera For Arcade Games

Kaillera is add-on to already existing arcade emulators like MAME, Atari, N64 etc and is designed to aid networked multiplayer play for these emulators. And like most network multiplayer gaming systems, Kaillera is also implemented to work on client–server architecture.

Kaillera’s latest update is its implementation with MAME(Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). MAME is a famous emulator and is able to run almost all types of arcade games and with Kaillera attached with the MAME emulator these games can now be played online or on a computer network like LAN or internet.

Kaillera For Arcade Games

The latest emulator of MAME equipped with Kaillera is Mame32 plus plus v0.119 is available to download for free on kaillera’s official website

With an option to either create a server or join an exiting servers Mame32 plus plus is gaining popularity, and is providing great competition to Online Gaming systems like xbox live, gameranger etc. For gamers with particular interest in classic arcade games like street fighter, metal slug series, King of Fighters etc this multiplayer option to play against human player over internet is a blessing.

Lost are the days when people used to meet other classic gamers in game shops (popularly called noise factory) this new system is providing an opportunity for classic arcade gamers all around the globe to play with each other while enjoying the comforts of the home.

So, what are you waiting for arcade game lover lets load you computer with MAME equipped with Kaillera and download all the MAME games and enjoy them with human players….. its so better than playing with CPU

You can download zip files of almost all the arcade games form SEE YOU ON KAILLER SERVERS