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Sonic Jump

Are you a big fan of Sonic and his adventure??? And are you the user of iphone also? Then here is one of the beneficial information for you…

Sonic Jump is coming for you on the ios platform of your iphone. Great jump of Sonic! Now you have to hurry up for playing the game as the game has been released today i.e. 18 October. So fans have doesn’t havt to wait more than this.

The publisher of the game is all favorite SEGA and the genre is the type of a platformer.

If you are interested in the option then you can download the game by clicking on the link Download Sonic Jump.

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Avengers Initiative

Are you a fan of Hulk and want to play his role with the same adventure and anger? Have you taken any of the classes of Anger management? If Yes, then Avengers Initiative has come up for you as a way of making your dream to be true…

About The Game

Avengers Initiative is the Adventure game that is available in all the famous App Store. The game has been developed by the Wideload Game and the initiative for the publication of this famous game has been taken by the famous Marvel Entetainment.

The game has been inspired from the Infinity Blade and thus will be liked by most of the game players if they like that.

Story Line of The Game

The player will get a wonderful chance of playing the role of the Hulk who is generally favorite of most of the games and movie fans. If you are getting the role of the Hulk to be played, then you will be given some of the responsibilities to be handled out.

The responsibilities includes the work of cleaning of all the super villains that are making bad impact there and are very powerful also. And the cleaning of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-carrier also including the other areas where the villains also present.

Game Play

This game is available for the touch screen users and thus you are able to play the game with the help of swiping in the left and right directions for cutting out the attacks of your enemies.

Further, you are able to add some of the other moves by slashing on the screen in the way of your own and thus fight in your own way. There is one of the block button also provided which can be used when you want to clear out all of your enemies at one instant.

Meanwhile in between the fighting sessions, the player is given a fewer seconds for exploring out the environment by the use of tapping the desired area. The player is also given some of the time for filling up the rage-meter and for the execution of the finishing moves. But if we talk about the most favorite move of the player then it would be the famous HULK SMASH…

Features of The Game

  • The game is available for the selected number of the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the Android phones including the HTC One X, HTC Evo 4g, HTC Incredible 4g, LG G2x and LG Nitro HD.
  • Avengers Initiative is a touch screen brawler in which a clustering of the newer skills has been added up.
  • You may purchase the game if you want to pay 6.99 USD that has been set up its cost.
  • The characters have been characterized interestingly and with a great sound effect that will make it more exciting.
  • You will find lots of locks or secrets that you have to unlock with your own techniques.
  • Perfectly time dodges have been introduced that let the players to be sneaked out in the fasten counter attack.

If you have liked Avengers Initiative App and want to play it, then you just have to click DOWNLOAD.

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