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Galaxy on Fire

Galaxy on Fire is the heroic and extravagant action game that has been awarded many of the awards for its best features…

Among the best parts comes the convincing story of this game and the fact that the update of the gameplay comes for free of charge giving the users an advantage.

The gameplay is now available on the App Store. The new version of the game includes a variety of enhancements, bug fixes and newly introduced features that can be explored by the user.

If we talk about the story line then it would come like “Keith T. Maxwell is send to the time and outer space due to some hyper drive malfunctioning. After that he awakens out at the very farther end of the vast galaxy after 35 years where he finds an environment in which an alien is causing destructive chaos on the militaristic race to occupy the unstable division of space. Maxwell tries many of the ideas for returning home but in spite of all the efforts, he was drawn into the war of aliens.”

Now as a player and playing the role of Maxwell, the player has to complete the work of investigating and plotting to find out a way of stopping the entire alien nuisance. After bringing the alien war to a volatile termination, the player will get the chance of returning to his home. Overall the adventurous game is full of more interesting and exciting things than just the story line.

You will find two of the interesting options for the Galaxy on Fire:

The action packed game play can be find out and followed on the 3-D affluent and enthralling story line for the alien war and destructible galaxy.

The second option of the player is to go for inter planetary voyage in your own way and designs making the asteroids in the galaxy, mechanizing new arsenal and equipment while working like a pirate, taking and completing different missions for which you will be granted any of the rewards that will help you in further game and many more to do…

The rewards that will be earned by the users can be used for buying of spaceships of thirty different types for aiding the player in the array of heart pounding missions.

The exciting missions that are given to the player includes:

  • Salvaging VIPs of alien
  • Guiding of the groups which has been devastated by the pirate attacks
  • Imprisoning the inter galactic criminals
  • Completing the transportation of commodities between different systems
  • Improving the technology of the alien based on the remote parts of the galaxy.

If you have not played this game till now then I am sure that after seeing these pictures and the underlying features, you will get impressed and want to play this game with you PC, iPhone or Mac. And the features are:

  • Gigantic galaxy that is made up of systems of twenty stars with a number of beautifully made planets.
  • Different types of races of aliens are present with their own conducts and customs.
  • Around thirty space ships are present with around hundred 3-D space stations to work for different planets.
  • Distinctive status and tactful featuring systems
  • 170 merchandises with different and multifaceted systems of trading are present
  • 3-D sound filled with acting along with the voice in English and the visuals of excellent quality are present
  • Action Freeze that helps in saving the screen shots from any of the viewpoint is present.

Overall you will like the game and may also become habitual of it after playing it once…

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