Mass Effect 3 DLC ‘Omega’ Release Date

BioWare is going to lanuch the newer downloadable-content of Mass Effect 3 DLC names as ‘OMEGA’ for which the price and release date has been revealed.

The releasing date is set to be 27th November,2012 and teh price is around 15$. The launch will be for the PS3, PC and XBox 360. So, the PC and PS 3 lovers should get ready for the advantage!!!


‘Smash Cars’ Learn Driving Skills…

SMASH CARS coming with the latest Classic Game Reviews for the battle of racing and audience of adventurous taste…

The game is for Play Station 3 with the Play Station Network having the controls of the cars with the help of remotes. And you are not going to drive smoothly on the roads and thus you have to face many of the hurdles as you do in your daily life… Check out for some similarity!

You have the full flow of jumping your smash cars and clearing the obstructions coming between you and your way by your own hard work… At least better than your real driving!!!

Want to earn some of the stars or some nitrous blast of fuel for your car, then get ready to beat the target for the smash cars…

‘GTA 5 Blowout Info’ Coming out as the cover story of Game Informer…

Grand Theft Auto 5 coming for the coverage of its new place in gaming to be dragged out…

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Star Citizen Extended Trailer Revealed Out…

Have you listened out the name Squadron 42? Coming as one of the excitement of the Star Citizens game with all of the newer features as has been announced by the team involved in the making of the game…

The trailer of the game has been revealed out and the development team includes the creator of the Space Sim Wing Commander and now they are coming with the newer game for the PC.

The game is thought to be as a game of space battle with the exploration of the vast field of the space.

The game has been designed by Chris Roberts and has made the imagination of a lot of innovative ideas for driving out the boundaries of the genre as PC Games of the space games for making something different from others by his creativity.

The production of the game has been started from around ten months before and the as according to the developers of the game, the full project is going to be competed in around two of more years expected to be coming in 2014. But the users have been given the opportunity of playing the versions of the game up to next year…

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Scuderia Ferrari Racing

Come back of the newer entertaining race for this weekend for the fans of Ferrari after a shorter break! So the guys that includes themselves in the category of the Ferrari fans have to get ready for the latest event…

KOREAN GRAND PRIX is going to run down their thoughts starting from 12th of October and 14th of October this weekend. Are you free to made the registration???

And one more surprise is that not one but two of the races are coming for the weekend taken by the Scuderia Ferrari, one race on the famous Belgium track (in Spa) and the other one in the home-race in Monza. Who will take the benefit of being there?

One more thing if you are expecting any of the grand interview in the grand event, then you are right and you can expect the interview of Luca Marmorini, the Head of the Engine and Electronics and the engineer in Andrea Beneventi.

One of the famous things as told by him earlier is the thing that will amaze you by knowing that there are twenty functions of the single seater wheel that is famous topic of 2012.

SimCity Game 6

GameStar newer move is to leak out the concept-art which is the idea for the newer and upcoming series of the famous, fabulous and awesome game – SIMCITY GAME 6.

About The Game

Do you like to have a video game in which you are the engineer of your dream city by simulating the building and areas of it??? Then you would definitely like to see the brand new city construction and simulation by you. The developer of this simulation game is named as Maxis with the with the auxiliary of the Electronic arts on which the whole of the idea is based.

You are the architect and have to plan according to your flavour for the development of different zones and placement of the buildings and developing of the roads and thus have to make your city beautiful.

Features of the Game

  • In Game graphics of finest quality that will be enough to be wondered by you are provided.
  • Not over yet – many of the features are the new ones but also Maxis has to got the award for the introduction of the simulation engine that is also like a fresher but fantastic – GlassBox.
  • Gaming audio has been attached by the game by its pulses via the simulation technique of the game.
  • Microsoft Windows and also Mac OS-X are the two of the platforms if you have for the playing of the game.
  • Visualization effects including the traffic and problems of pollution are fully justified in the game.
  • Different zones are made for all of the works to be followed including the Industrial, Commercially available and that of residency related and they are like your daily lives.
  • Terraforming is one of the scale for the civil-engineering measure.
  • Both the Multiplayer option to play it as online game and Solo Player options are available to play the game and it depends on you which ever mode you want to select.
  • Modules have been made that have been provided for the ease of functionality by the user. For example extra garages for fire station have been provided as per the safety purpose.
  • Roads are not of linear types, so have fun of the non linearity.
  • As the cities in reality are connected with high ways, water ways and rail ways, same is the case here.


Release date for Simcity 6

The official date has been set up in the month of February in 2013 and that is also the most important thing to be noted by the fans. And the popularity can be judged by the fact that the official announcement has been made very early on 6 March in 2012.

And the publicity stunt has not over yet with releasing of the 2 of the trailers of the game in the Electronic Entertainment Expo that has been held in 2012.

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Nintendo 3DS along with Crysis 2 for PS3

‘Black Ops 2 Zoombies’ Newer GamePlay Modes Revealed Out

Aware of the guns, fighting at urban places with the boat loads of zombies with their eyes glowing like nothing??? It’s time for the fans of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 to gather out once again for the newer effect in its game play and have fun with three of the newly introduced modes…

The news has been spread out from the newer footage of the game that has been released with its newer Zombies mode which is more interactive and more attractive for the users. The footage has been launched via a recent event of a grand preview.

The three of the newly added features in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 or the modes that will make the users as they are payed back of after playing with the newer effects are as follows:


This is the main addition which can also be denoted by the name of four player co op mode which will provide the bigger and more bigger platform or the world for the players to be explored and hunted out. Ready for the BIG SHOOT AND WAR?

The four of the players are given the chance of exploring the new world collecting the equipments and resources in a bus and traveling their way which will aid them in fast reaching of the target. But in spite of the fastness the players are not safe in the bus and are leaved at the places that are filled with ZOMBIES.


In this mode the players are dropped in a world of isolation where they have to fight with the zombies and gathering of the weapons have to be carried out for stimulating the base to be destroyed.


You are playing with eight of the players or co players in the game till now in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 ZOMBIES. But now ready for the isolation from four of your friends.

This mode divides the players in two of the teams each with four of the player increasing of your task of not only destruction of the zombies but also of fighting for staying for a longer period than the other four.

Ready for the real entertainment and fight that will begin with more cruelty from now onwards???

Not over yet. There are some of more of the features to be revealed out till now which has not been told with the help of the footage and all of us have to wait for with some more curiosity…

If you have liked Black Ops 2 Zoombies and want to play it, then you just have to click DOWNLOAD.

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International Cricket 2010 New Gameplay

It’s just amazing idea and we can add one more amazing for Jonathan Agnew! Coming for the newer International Cricket 2010 Gameplay and for his fans as a commentator with the commentary team for that year for the first time…

And this is not over only with Jonathan Agnew, you will find more of the voices of your favorites including Shane Warne, Ian Bishop and David Bumble Lloyd.

Two of the newer features that you just going to love are:

‘Action Cam’ – For taking you to the centre of the field

‘Power Stick’ – For providing you the advantage of 360 degree angle for making shots in the field

Official players, stadium and the entire cricket set. What else you will need TO PLAY!

Moon Chaser

Have you played the games of tiny wings and dragon fly? What if you are treated with one of the newer mobile app like the above with newer characters and a more interesting story line? I think now you have started up reminding of the story of the both of them…

Here comes one of the Android Phone app which made you to fly higher and higher in the sky which you have ever wanted in your dreams and the game has been given the name “Moon Chaser” which is one of the popular action racing game in which the hint is hidden to let you guess about the game play.

Ninja wants to fly in the sky and you have to help him in completing his mission by playing the role of the Ninja is different from you as he has the ability of both running and flying. The task that will be given to you is to run and fly over the hills and reach to a particular destination. Seems so much easy!!!

But as there are always twists around, so this is not also so much easy as you might be thinking. And one of the reasons of this is that you have to reach before the moon eclipse occurs. This difficulty level is not over yet and you have to cross the dangerous hills within the time limit given.

Even this is not all and the control of the gravity which you have to do mainly for making the Ninja to be controlled by you to whether you want to run or fly.

Controlling the Controls of the MOBILE SCREEN

You have to play like a controller and get the control of the screen of your Android phone within your hands. Whenever you will touch the screen, the gravity of the Ninja increases and when you release there then the gravity decreases and thus the control is done by only using the concept of the increases or decreases of the gravity.

On declivity, if you touches out the screen then the acceleration of the spreen occurs increasing the overall speed while on acclivity, the release will make the Ninja to fly. Now you have to make the fine-tuning of the gravity to make the Ninja to properly fly and to reach his destination.

Features and some facts about the GAME

  • The designing of the game has been done by Reverie and the point which makes this work to be praised is that due to Reverie, this game is available on the Android Phones for the 1.6 users or above.
  • The latest version of the game which is available is 1.1.2 and it supports App 2SD.
  • The graphics are of very simplistic type that makes it more attractive for the users of mobile phones.
  • Are you interested in seeking out more often any of the missions? If yes, then you can have the pleasure here also be doing the unlocking of the missions or also called the ‘achievements’.
  • By reading the above overall story if you have read out the whole of it, you might be agreeing on one of the issue that this game can be called as physics based game play.

The difficulty level increases with the advent of the higher levels and the third level seems to be completed to be only by a fantastic player!!!

The game is absolutely free and you may have an easier way to download this Ninja GAME by just clicking on the DOWNLOAD MOON CHASER link.

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