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Resident Evil 6 Review

A big name, big franchise and a big expectation giving rise to the discussion of the review of a game that might think to be a winner of all or some of the properties like these…

As for the previous series or game line of Resident Evil, a saying has been attached according to which you might get afraid if you are playing the game alone and that is the most exciting thing when the name of this game has been taken. If you are one of them, then you have to be ready for some disappointment!

Resident Evil 6 not at all seems to be scary or horrible for which the franchise is known and so you will not get the horrible effect. Resident Evil is more often have more of the versatility to be suitable for playing of the players of the distinct interest also or to other gamers also.

One of the additional item that you might be fond of is the chasing of the cars with a very high speeds for quickly escaping form a place to another via the Chris’s campaign including some more of the actions.

But in spite of focusing on the above thing and other changes, the story part has been lacked behind and thus that is a lose part of the Resident Evil 6. There are four of the different narratives that are controlling the story part and over crossing between the different parts have made a different concept or idea useless form the story point of view.

Resident Evil 6 now no more make you scary and thus the game will be based on the factor how much excited the zombies can make you. Zombies have been made ghastly through a good and effective animation. They may surprise you when some of them attacking you from a distance and gets mutated after being shot and many of the other surprising effects.

I also don’t able to find any of the interesting creativity for the gun mechanics as per the expectations with the game.

Overall, I would like to conclude that the game is good one and playable by removing the tag of Resident Evil and also a horror game from it without the expectations of Resident Evil game. You might play it as if you have PS3, Xbox 360 or Microsoft Windows Platform…

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Alien Spidy Preview

What things you can do with eight legs? Our Alien Spidy will be able to save the life of his female fellow and of his own and coming for rescuing her from an unfriendly planet for them – EARTH.

A newer upcoming game coming from the Kalypso with its space faring alien with it searching his way from the external planet for the Spider – Alien Spidy.

Coming from another world and being a spider is sufficient for making a different combination of ALIEN SPIDY. One of the action and adventure game that will make you amazed by its unique style that you may also feel by seeing the preview trailer.

Features of ALIEN SPIDY

  • The spider is able to jump, run and swing with the help of his web.
  • Bonus and power ups are given as rewards if the spider or the player will be able to collect them.
  • Collection of the crashed parts of the spaceship has to be done.
  • Surfing through the world of earth and saving the life from those is one of the main part of the game
  • Overall you will get sixty of the land-scapes for the assessment by the user and the difficulty level increases with each of the level and the game becomes very hard after some of the levels up.


The pre releasing trailers have been shown and looking much interesting for the spider lovers and it is expected to be released soon in 2012. And if the trailers are giving the way the game is has been made then it might become a big hit on for the:

Xbox Live Arcade
PS Network, and

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Assassin’s Creed III multiplayer trailer

Ubisoft is in full preparation with the completion of the multi player components of the famous and favorite of all – Assassin’s Creed III…

The modes that have been revealed and the sense of confirmation of whom have been suggested are –

  • Wolf Pack
  • Deathmatch
  • Domination

One of the interesting feature of the maps have been introduced in which you will see the wars of Boston Harbor to the maps upto the hallmarks of the North West Passage. The maps consists of the dynamically controlled information of weather.

Now, concentrating again on the sixteen players option or the multiplayer one I would like to add up that each of the player will get a lot of advancements. And the advancements or the benefits includes the explicit weapons and its gallery, skills and will be allowed to select one of the fourteen ability from all.

The main aim is to introduce you all about the releasing date and thus opening out of the secret is that the game is going to be released on 31 October on the platforms of PS3 and Xbox 360.

Medal of Honor Warfighter New Release

One of the fantastic first person shooter game facts have been released with the help of the world top name WALMART with the information of the release date and some of the features of the latest upcoming game…

So, now revealing the secret for our readers also, I am very happy to tell you that the release date of Medal of Honor Warfighter or the new PS3 game has been set to be 23rd of October. So, get ready, the shooting is on the way…

Some of the features that have been revealed with the help of Walmart info is enough to get the following features of the game:

  • Space of 2 GB hard drive
  • Online multiplayer option of upto two to twenty players
  • Free invitation for those who will purchase the game from Walmart and the free gift includes invitation to the
  1. Battlefield 4 beta 
  2. Zero dark Thirty Map Pack


So get ready to be the first one to have the fun…

Mass Effect 3 DLC ‘Omega’ Release Date

BioWare is going to lanuch the newer downloadable-content of Mass Effect 3 DLC names as ‘OMEGA’ for which the price and release date has been revealed.

The releasing date is set to be 27th November,2012 and teh price is around 15$. The launch will be for the PS3, PC and XBox 360. So, the PC and PS 3 lovers should get ready for the advantage!!!

‘Smash Cars’ Learn Driving Skills…

SMASH CARS coming with the latest Classic Game Reviews for the battle of racing and audience of adventurous taste…

The game is for Play Station 3 with the Play Station Network having the controls of the cars with the help of remotes. And you are not going to drive smoothly on the roads and thus you have to face many of the hurdles as you do in your daily life… Check out for some similarity!

You have the full flow of jumping your smash cars and clearing the obstructions coming between you and your way by your own hard work… At least better than your real driving!!!

Want to earn some of the stars or some nitrous blast of fuel for your car, then get ready to beat the target for the smash cars…

Gears of War: Judgment

The newer edition of the franchise of Gears of War has come up on the line with the emergence of Gears of War: Judgment.

About The Game

The newer edition of the third-person-shooter series has been developed by the Epic Games in collaboration with People Can Fly and has been published by Microsoft. The game is coming in the next year on 19th of March.

Story Line of The Game

The story has been attached to the previous game in which Kilo Squad which is a troop of the soldiers that have been led by Pvt. Augustus Cole and Lt. Damon Baird have been found to be disloyal in the combat that has been fought against Locust while fighting.

The main charges that have been accused on them consist of stealing of the alliance related to the technology of the government. The place for the fighting in the previous one and for the trial that has been to the above three is the Halvo Bay.

Therefore, the game starts just after the destructive consequences of the Emergence Day and the overall game turn around the trial of the above persons. Ultimately you have to fight and have to follow Kilo Squad with the above two for destroying and finishing the un-stoppable enemy for saving the whole of the Halve Bay from those…

Features of The Game

  • The first and foremost brand new experience is that you are able to play with other players making the multi player features open to the users.
  • OverRun is a new exciting mode for competition for the users on the basis of their class adding the amount of fun and competition level in the game between the soldiers and Locust that have never been experienced by the fans of ‘Gears’.
  • A newer system of Smart Spawn or S3 have been introduced both for campaigning and multi-player action in the game.
  • One more interesting feature of ‘Mission Declassification’ have been introduced with the help of which you will be able to be introduced with different situations and attainments. And the interesting thing in this is that you will get these be doing the work of leaking out secrets and this you never wanted to leave!!!
  • Want to invite your friends for playing the game?? Then you can invite three of them for playing it on  Xbox LIVE and have fun.


Good news for the fans who do not want to wait till 2013 is that PAX Prime is providing you with the facility of playing all the modes that can be played on by you later in the game on their site. Two of the settings of Gondola and Library are provided along with other modes.

The game will be available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC for the fans, so have fun after waiting for some time as it will provide you with some more benefits that you had never think of…

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Quantum Conundrum

Quantum Conundrum is one of the famous game that has been developed by the famous game developer Alright Games and has been published by Square Enix.

The genre of the game is of puzzle type in which the player has to solve the puzzles to solve the mystery and that is the thing that makes this game very interesting.

The story of the game starts when a young boy goes to live in his uncle’s home for a weekend in his holidays. His uncle, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle who was a scientist and has invented a lot of things including a Inter Dimensional Shift Device that is his greatest discovery till now.

When the boy reaches his uncle’s home, he found that his uncle is not present there and is missing. He also found some of the other things also to be different to the way he seems those in the previous encounter.

Thus he takes the responsibility of searching for his uncle and comes to know that the uncle has been trapped in the puzzle of the his invention somewhere and can be rescued by the use of that Inter Dimensional Shift device.

From here begins the actual adventure when the boy goes on for the searching using the puzzle tool and has to solve different puzzles in search of his uncle. With the help of ht tool, the player is able to change the dimensions of the manor or Quadwrangle Manor and and has to search for the key by which his uncle can be rescued.

There are provided many of the dimensions for the player that can be used by him and includes the following:

Fluffy-Dimension – In this, an interesting option of changing the heavy things into fluffy ones so that they can be easily picked up by the player of the game is provided.

Heavy-Dimensions – The objects become ten times heavier that the normal ones and thus cannot be picked up by the user.

Slow-Dimension – This is the option in which the time moves ten times slower than the user but the boy remains unaffected.

Reverse-Gravity-Dimension – The gravity in this case is being reserved.

Quantum Conundrum is available for PC via Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Play Station 3.

The game has been published on 11 July, 2012 and has gain a very good rating by its users and thus you may also play the game and suggest the rating for the game from your side…

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Prey 2

Prey 2 is a first-person shooter game which is a follow-up of the game of Prey that has come up in 2006 in which the player has to play the role of a bounty hunter in a world that is not known to the player and that is the world of aliens…

About The Game

Human Head Studios is the developer of the game and the Bethesda Softworks is the publisher of Prey 2, the newer series of Prey 2. The game is going to be released to be played on many of the platforms like Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Story Line of The Game

The story starts from a plane in which Killian Samuels, who is one of the U.S. Marshal is traveling with others and suddenly the plane crashes off and landed on a Sphere, that is considered to be a vessel of aliens.

After the crash, the Samuels fights off with the aliens and searches for other survivors who were present with him on the plane. But unluckily, the player reached a certain point of trap and become unconscious and when he becomes conscious then he found himself to be on another planet belongs to those aliens.

Now, the main adventure of the game begins at a point where some of the secrets like the escaping of the player from the aliens after crash, reaching of the Samuels on the planet are unknown and now the player has to play the role of a bounty hunter.

While playing the role of bounty hunter, the player slowly remembers some parts of his memory and he initially feels that he was the only humans that is remaining out of all but he was founds himself wrong after meeting Domasi “Tommy” Tawodi, who is also present in the first sequel “Prey”. Basically, the role of the player is the hunting of the targets in the alien world besides remembering back all of his skills and memory as a bounty hunter.

The release date of the game has not been confirmed by the company and there are some of the rumors about the release date but it might be going to be released in 2013. So, the fans have to wait a little more…

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Half life two Episode 3

Further series of Half life have been awaited by the developer Valve for which the users are waiting since a long time.

The game is known as a famous shooter series in which game is played for saving the Earth from the alien’s incursion which is the main motive of the player.

The developer of the game is Valve and the game of the previous series Half Life 2: Episode 2 has also been published by him which has been considered as the franchises last game as it has been since five years till it’s upcoming.

But now the information has come up that Valve will soon going to make the last series and that is not the Episode 2 but Episode 3.

If the series is going to be released any day, then the character of Gordon Freeman will create more of the adventure of fighting with the Combine’s army for demolishing their strength and power on Earth.

Some of the higher members of Valve Corporation has conceived the idea that Half Life: Episode 3, if released is the last part of the series but not of its franchises.

The fight with the Advisors of Combine that have come up to conquer of the Earth will takes place for several times at several positions in the game.

Barney and Alyx may be present along with the Freeman for helping him and fighting against the Combine forces. Hints have been given for suggesting the newer series might be set up on the previous location or on the series having the ice environment.

The previous series is mainly based on the actions of pure type but the newer series might be using some of the more changes to be done for the continued existence.

The emotional-palette also seems to be increased as according to the news. The player has to perform one more of the task that might be drawn from the previous one that the player or the Freeman will not be able to talk and will be like a crow bar…

Now all of the upcoming news shows that the fans have to wait a little more with a BIG EXTRA!

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