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Alien Spidy Preview

What things you can do with eight legs? Our Alien Spidy will be able to save the life of his female fellow and of his own and coming for rescuing her from an unfriendly planet for them – EARTH.

A newer upcoming game coming from the Kalypso with its space faring alien with it searching his way from the external planet for the Spider – Alien Spidy.

Coming from another world and being a spider is sufficient for making a different combination of ALIEN SPIDY. One of the action and adventure game that will make you amazed by its unique style that you may also feel by seeing the preview trailer.

Features of ALIEN SPIDY

  • The spider is able to jump, run and swing with the help of his web.
  • Bonus and power ups are given as rewards if the spider or the player will be able to collect them.
  • Collection of the crashed parts of the spaceship has to be done.
  • Surfing through the world of earth and saving the life from those is one of the main part of the game
  • Overall you will get sixty of the land-scapes for the assessment by the user and the difficulty level increases with each of the level and the game becomes very hard after some of the levels up.


The pre releasing trailers have been shown and looking much interesting for the spider lovers and it is expected to be released soon in 2012. And if the trailers are giving the way the game is has been made then it might become a big hit on for the:

Xbox Live Arcade
PS Network, and

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Moon Chaser

Have you played the games of tiny wings and dragon fly? What if you are treated with one of the newer mobile app like the above with newer characters and a more interesting story line? I think now you have started up reminding of the story of the both of them…

Here comes one of the Android Phone app which made you to fly higher and higher in the sky which you have ever wanted in your dreams and the game has been given the name “Moon Chaser” which is one of the popular action racing game in which the hint is hidden to let you guess about the game play.

Ninja wants to fly in the sky and you have to help him in completing his mission by playing the role of the Ninja is different from you as he has the ability of both running and flying. The task that will be given to you is to run and fly over the hills and reach to a particular destination. Seems so much easy!!!

But as there are always twists around, so this is not also so much easy as you might be thinking. And one of the reasons of this is that you have to reach before the moon eclipse occurs. This difficulty level is not over yet and you have to cross the dangerous hills within the time limit given.

Even this is not all and the control of the gravity which you have to do mainly for making the Ninja to be controlled by you to whether you want to run or fly.

Controlling the Controls of the MOBILE SCREEN

You have to play like a controller and get the control of the screen of your Android phone within your hands. Whenever you will touch the screen, the gravity of the Ninja increases and when you release there then the gravity decreases and thus the control is done by only using the concept of the increases or decreases of the gravity.

On declivity, if you touches out the screen then the acceleration of the spreen occurs increasing the overall speed while on acclivity, the release will make the Ninja to fly. Now you have to make the fine-tuning of the gravity to make the Ninja to properly fly and to reach his destination.

Features and some facts about the GAME

  • The designing of the game has been done by Reverie and the point which makes this work to be praised is that due to Reverie, this game is available on the Android Phones for the 1.6 users or above.
  • The latest version of the game which is available is 1.1.2 and it supports App 2SD.
  • The graphics are of very simplistic type that makes it more attractive for the users of mobile phones.
  • Are you interested in seeking out more often any of the missions? If yes, then you can have the pleasure here also be doing the unlocking of the missions or also called the ‘achievements’.
  • By reading the above overall story if you have read out the whole of it, you might be agreeing on one of the issue that this game can be called as physics based game play.

The difficulty level increases with the advent of the higher levels and the third level seems to be completed to be only by a fantastic player!!!

The game is absolutely free and you may have an easier way to download this Ninja GAME by just clicking on the DOWNLOAD MOON CHASER link.

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Avengers Initiative

Are you a fan of Hulk and want to play his role with the same adventure and anger? Have you taken any of the classes of Anger management? If Yes, then Avengers Initiative has come up for you as a way of making your dream to be true…

About The Game

Avengers Initiative is the Adventure game that is available in all the famous App Store. The game has been developed by the Wideload Game and the initiative for the publication of this famous game has been taken by the famous Marvel Entetainment.

The game has been inspired from the Infinity Blade and thus will be liked by most of the game players if they like that.

Story Line of The Game

The player will get a wonderful chance of playing the role of the Hulk who is generally favorite of most of the games and movie fans. If you are getting the role of the Hulk to be played, then you will be given some of the responsibilities to be handled out.

The responsibilities includes the work of cleaning of all the super villains that are making bad impact there and are very powerful also. And the cleaning of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-carrier also including the other areas where the villains also present.

Game Play

This game is available for the touch screen users and thus you are able to play the game with the help of swiping in the left and right directions for cutting out the attacks of your enemies.

Further, you are able to add some of the other moves by slashing on the screen in the way of your own and thus fight in your own way. There is one of the block button also provided which can be used when you want to clear out all of your enemies at one instant.

Meanwhile in between the fighting sessions, the player is given a fewer seconds for exploring out the environment by the use of tapping the desired area. The player is also given some of the time for filling up the rage-meter and for the execution of the finishing moves. But if we talk about the most favorite move of the player then it would be the famous HULK SMASH…

Features of The Game

  • The game is available for the selected number of the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the Android phones including the HTC One X, HTC Evo 4g, HTC Incredible 4g, LG G2x and LG Nitro HD.
  • Avengers Initiative is a touch screen brawler in which a clustering of the newer skills has been added up.
  • You may purchase the game if you want to pay 6.99 USD that has been set up its cost.
  • The characters have been characterized interestingly and with a great sound effect that will make it more exciting.
  • You will find lots of locks or secrets that you have to unlock with your own techniques.
  • Perfectly time dodges have been introduced that let the players to be sneaked out in the fasten counter attack.

If you have liked Avengers Initiative App and want to play it, then you just have to click DOWNLOAD.

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South Park: The Stick of Truth

One of the most genuine games that have been developed by Obsidian Entertainment that is most pacific also among all of the other competitors of the series is South Park: The Stick of Truth.

About the Game

This game comes under the  RPG genre, role playing video game that is based on the story line of the famous animated TV series South Park. The publication of the game has been done by the THQ and the South Park Digital Studios themselves.

Two of the former series that are associated with the game are South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play and South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge.

The location of the game is set to be surely in the South Park town of Colorado which is a place of mountains making the sequence more adventurous.

Game Play

The player is given the role of a new kid who is a nameless cipher and has to go outside the home to make friends as ordered by his father. The main emphasis of the game moves around making friends which will provide his identity further and according to the level of your friends, your coolness will be compared and the rank accordingly…

After making the friends, the new kid and his neighborhood kids are ready to play a live action Real Playing Game from where the real fun starts.

You have to action upon like to be included in the team of Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan so that you are able to get involved in the fight of good against bad for saving the world of South Park.

Overall the main aim of the player is to be fitted in the town by letting the others accept him by his action and activities.


  • Customization of the character can be done in this game. So, you are allowed to choose the make up, hair style and clothes for the kid.
  • The game can be played on PS3, XBox 360 and the PC’s Windows Operating System.
  • The player is allowed to choose the desired arsenals for the kid for fighting with the evil guys.
  • A number of classes are provided which includes the rogue, adventurer, paladin, wizard and others in which the player is going to be accepted with the help of Cartman.
  • Paper Mario can be considered to be the main source for the fighting platform.
  • The format is based on the 2D format as to do the justice with the source of the story.
  • It is a live action game in which the use of the fantasy spells and fluctuating swords is going to be done for the fight.

The viewers have to wait for the story line of Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the game going to be released in March 2013…

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Ridge Racer Unbounded

Rider Racer authority has added one more of the addition for the users that are crazy for the racing and carving out for their own vicious path to follow via the game and that is – Ridge Racer Unbounded.

This is one of the genres of racing of the type of arcade games that delivers the users or the players with the ultimate gear for the ultimate explosion of fierce racing.

The Unbound street squad of racing is headed by Kara Shindo and you have to join that gang if you want. Shatter Bay provides you the opportunity of increasing your skillfulness within any of the street and thus and you will get many of the opponents who want to interfere with your work.

You have to do all this to prove the value and importance of yours by doing all the stuff related to the racing and earning respect for expanding your turf you may say…

Features of the Game –

• In this game, the most important adventure is that you are given the power of crashing all the things that comes up in your way that has been attained with the help of applying all the edges of Physics.

• The edge of the level of destruction has been provided for the vibrant players that you have never seen before. Because of which you are able to make your own way by demolishing every thing.

Shatter Bay provides a set of rules which have been ripened out for being torned out by the races taking place in the environment of this city.

• Many of the main areas of the city like the port, refinery and other zones for business purpose are available for being included to be rampaged out by the over powered vehicles.

Ridge Racer Angel cars and Ridge Racer Devil cars are included in the game as a way out from the old types of machinery or cars and introducing a new variety…

• Last but not the least is the feature is the creation of the trail of your choice for sharing them as the online games and competing with your friends.

System Requirement for the game

• Operating System of VistaSP2 of 32 bits or Windows XP is needed.
• Dual Core Athlon x2 2.6 GHz Processor is needed.
• Memory of the RAM of 2 GigaBytes is required.
• Graphics of NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or higher, ATI Radeon 4850 or higher or 512 MB RAM have been introduced.
• 3 GigaBytes space for the Hard Drive is required.
• Internet connection of broad band type is needed if you want to share the game with your friends online.

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning is a game to be played by a single player which is a role playing game. The managerial designer of this game is the legend of open world RPG, Ken Rolston which has been developed by Big Huge Games and 38 Studios.

This game is available to be played on the systems of Xbox 360, PS 3 and Microsoft Windows and is written by one of the renowned world famous author, R.A. Salvatore.

The releasing date of Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning was in this year of 2012 on 7 Feb and it has been released in Europe.

The main story line of the game is based on the Kingdom of Amalur, that is a wealthier and an unexpected world of action which has been under pined by the past ten thousands years of history.

The players get plunged within an affluent and alive open world that is full of supernatural and menace of unexpected types and finally a story line that makes the game interesting of all along with other things.

Reckoning is the way by which gives the players are able to define their fortune as they have to get engaged in the battle. With the medium of the battle, the players have to explore the enormous, vivacious and diverse Amalur’s world.

The game has been envisaged by the creativeness of both Spawn and Todd McFarlane, the highly commended artist for this work.

The game is full of the endless possibilities for the players and this game is thought to be going to change the overall genre of RGP.

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Galaxy on Fire

Galaxy on Fire is the heroic and extravagant action game that has been awarded many of the awards for its best features…

Among the best parts comes the convincing story of this game and the fact that the update of the gameplay comes for free of charge giving the users an advantage.

The gameplay is now available on the App Store. The new version of the game includes a variety of enhancements, bug fixes and newly introduced features that can be explored by the user.

If we talk about the story line then it would come like “Keith T. Maxwell is send to the time and outer space due to some hyper drive malfunctioning. After that he awakens out at the very farther end of the vast galaxy after 35 years where he finds an environment in which an alien is causing destructive chaos on the militaristic race to occupy the unstable division of space. Maxwell tries many of the ideas for returning home but in spite of all the efforts, he was drawn into the war of aliens.”

Now as a player and playing the role of Maxwell, the player has to complete the work of investigating and plotting to find out a way of stopping the entire alien nuisance. After bringing the alien war to a volatile termination, the player will get the chance of returning to his home. Overall the adventurous game is full of more interesting and exciting things than just the story line.

You will find two of the interesting options for the Galaxy on Fire:

The action packed game play can be find out and followed on the 3-D affluent and enthralling story line for the alien war and destructible galaxy.

The second option of the player is to go for inter planetary voyage in your own way and designs making the asteroids in the galaxy, mechanizing new arsenal and equipment while working like a pirate, taking and completing different missions for which you will be granted any of the rewards that will help you in further game and many more to do…

The rewards that will be earned by the users can be used for buying of spaceships of thirty different types for aiding the player in the array of heart pounding missions.

The exciting missions that are given to the player includes:

  • Salvaging VIPs of alien
  • Guiding of the groups which has been devastated by the pirate attacks
  • Imprisoning the inter galactic criminals
  • Completing the transportation of commodities between different systems
  • Improving the technology of the alien based on the remote parts of the galaxy.

If you have not played this game till now then I am sure that after seeing these pictures and the underlying features, you will get impressed and want to play this game with you PC, iPhone or Mac. And the features are:

  • Gigantic galaxy that is made up of systems of twenty stars with a number of beautifully made planets.
  • Different types of races of aliens are present with their own conducts and customs.
  • Around thirty space ships are present with around hundred 3-D space stations to work for different planets.
  • Distinctive status and tactful featuring systems
  • 170 merchandises with different and multifaceted systems of trading are present
  • 3-D sound filled with acting along with the voice in English and the visuals of excellent quality are present
  • Action Freeze that helps in saving the screen shots from any of the viewpoint is present.

Overall you will like the game and may also become habitual of it after playing it once…

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Speed Kings

Speed Kings can be considered as a game that is famous as a bike racing game that is very famous for the favorite stunts that are done by the players and most often is a game of the arcade style…

Moving through the jam-packed avenue of Speed Kings, the game will take your impulse of nerves with the help of fast lighting and steel.

You will be introduced in the wonderful world of racing in the street riding your motorcycle and weaving in the traffic and becoming the best rider by winning the race.

You will get all stuff of the racing in the game until you get to the reaching line starting from the stunts with pull off, running away from the police and in the end finishing the game race.

The players are provided with the high recital bikes for racing which includes the different models, for touring, road and for sporting. All of these bikes are handles with their top speeds that are different for the different ones.

Performing with top speeds of these bikes along with the stoppers, jumping, wheeling, skidding is the adventure that you will make you the fan of this game. But while playing all these stunts the player has to keep track of one more thing that the attempt that will be failed to achieve could harm both the rider and his bike in real time simulation.

Some of the famous features of this game are as follows:

  • Death defying jumping is provided with the insane stunts which can be done underneath Lorries are provided for the users for making the game unrealistic and exciting.
  • By selecting different riders for your game, you will get a variety in their aggression and taunts along with different riding styles.
  • Controls and handling of the game is of style of arcade games.
  • Extremely pragmatic collide sequences are provided for the racing.
  • For the damage in the real time of bike, System of Deformation is also provided.
  • Concealed tone of giving broad rewards is present.
  • Objects that are destructible within the streets are present in the game with the interactive environments with the help of which traffic has been featured.
  • Point system for the boost of Speed King is also present.
  • Twenty two bikes can be used by the players that are based on the models from the real world.
  • There are five options of multi player and three options for the single players.

The reviews of this game are good and I suggest you to try it once if you have never tried this game…

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One of the famous franchises that have amazed the world with its series of the most popular pc games and have made a record of selling of thirty three million of its units all over the world is – TEKKEN.

One more of the addition has come up for the series and that is ‘TEKKEN 6”. The characters in this series are made to fight at an implausible speed with a story line that is very immerse in which the characters are featured to have distinguishing behavior.

The franchise has been started within 1994 with a version of arcade and has become very famous since then and it has given a line of the adventurous previous series. Tekken 6 has started up the beginning of the game on multi platform.

Some of the additions that have made this game so popular are:

Graphics – The new and advanced gorgeous  HD have been used with animation of 3D and high definition of graphics which have never been used before.

Largest Character Roster – The martial arts styles of the world that have never been used before with forty different fighters or players have been used. Kazuya, Heihachi and Jin are among the old 34 characters and six of the new characters with different fighting style have also been added.

Globally Compete and Battle – You can add up globally by playing with the VS mode or you may have an option of playing with the friends of your choice online with against the enemy of A.I.

New Action Game Mode – A brand new Scenario Campaign Mode has been launched in Tekken 6 by which you can take the experience of battles of large scales.

Customizing endless possibilities are provided in the game for you so that new characters can be customized with new details that are in your imaginations which may include tattoos, accessories of fashion, apparel and hair styles.

Interactive, Destructible and Dynamic Environment is provided for punching the enemies on the walls of concrete or for kicking your enemies so that a new battle ground can be made. The changes that are made in the game are on dynamic basis occurring one after the other like a sudden explosion of vehicles after a crash of helicopter.

Power is the phenomenon by which you are able to survive in the game and can be considered as one of the law of Tekken for which all of the players search for… So play for this action game for the POWER..

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Dead or Alive 5

One of the recent news that is going to have its effect on the gaming world is the upcoming game of Dead or Alive 5 which has been improved from the previous series with more of the action to be included in the new one…

A new cohort of forceful battles of new styles have been included in the new version or game and this all has been possible by the incorporation of a large number and techniques of martial arts and has made a new style of fighting which will be loved by the players or users.

Players will get full chances of playing with new competitors like Akira Yuki, the Virtua Fighter and Tekken’s Sarah Bryant along with their older favorite players of Dead or Alive being cast again.

The fight in this new version takes place with the help of brawler set which has been packed with more of the adventurous action and fought from anywhere in the world of this game.

DOA5 can be considered as a new returning way in the battle of the eminent Dead or Alive and that can be run on stages that are even 3-D and with the progress of the match, the stage changes.

Tecmo Koei had already made the announcements that the game of Dead or Alive is going to be seen on the stores on 25 September, 2012. Till that time, you have to wait and has to play with the old ones…

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