‘GTA 5 Blowout Info’ Coming out as the cover story of Game Informer…

Grand Theft Auto 5 coming for the coverage of its new place in gaming to be dragged out…

Issue of the magazine of Game Informer in November 2012 has recently come up in the market… Without wasting much of the time by the Andy McNamara, Editor in chief of Game Informer has revealed out the covert of the planning for the next edition in the line.

And as per the information, the next issue of December will be having the cover story of GTAV for which the fans are waiting since a long time in between a lot of rumors.

Until this time, we have got only some of the screen shots for forming any of the idea of the newer series of GTA. But as we all know that Game Informer is expert in its expert information for any of the topic that is a challenge for others along with the addition of –

  • Screenshots
  • Videos 
  • Plenty of Brand new info

so nobody will be disappointed…

And you don’t have to do any of the extra uphill struggle for reading out the tweet of Andy McNamara which is the base of revealing out this info;

Here is the tweet of the chief editor of Game Informer for you for the game:

“I’m about to make some of my haters very happy. In NYC, about to check out December’s cover game #GTAV”.

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