Quantum Conundrum

Quantum Conundrum is one of the famous game that has been developed by the famous game developer Alright Games and has been published by Square Enix.

The genre of the game is of puzzle type in which the player has to solve the puzzles to solve the mystery and that is the thing that makes this game very interesting.

The story of the game starts when a young boy goes to live in his uncle’s home for a weekend in his holidays. His uncle, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle who was a scientist and has invented a lot of things including a Inter Dimensional Shift Device that is his greatest discovery till now.

When the boy reaches his uncle’s home, he found that his uncle is not present there and is missing. He also found some of the other things also to be different to the way he seems those in the previous encounter.

Thus he takes the responsibility of searching for his uncle and comes to know that the uncle has been trapped in the puzzle of the his invention somewhere and can be rescued by the use of that Inter Dimensional Shift device.

From here begins the actual adventure when the boy goes on for the searching using the puzzle tool and has to solve different puzzles in search of his uncle. With the help of ht tool, the player is able to change the dimensions of the manor or Quadwrangle Manor and and has to search for the key by which his uncle can be rescued.

There are provided many of the dimensions for the player that can be used by him and includes the following:

Fluffy-Dimension – In this, an interesting option of changing the heavy things into fluffy ones so that they can be easily picked up by the player of the game is provided.

Heavy-Dimensions – The objects become ten times heavier that the normal ones and thus cannot be picked up by the user.

Slow-Dimension – This is the option in which the time moves ten times slower than the user but the boy remains unaffected.

Reverse-Gravity-Dimension – The gravity in this case is being reserved.

Quantum Conundrum is available for PC via Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Play Station 3.

The game has been published on 11 July, 2012 and has gain a very good rating by its users and thus you may also play the game and suggest the rating for the game from your side…

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