Total war: SHOTGUN 2

One of the game that has come up showing the period of golden-age and golden history of Japan which is also known as the Samurai-warfare age, is Total war: SHOTGUN 2.

Previous Series of The Game – Total war: SHOTGUN

In 2000, the first season of the game has come up and has set up a new trend of 3D real time effects of battle in the game that has given it a big appreciation and fan following. After about ten years later, the second edition of the game i.e. Total war: SHOTGUN 2 has come with more of the entertaining features and enhances skills…

About The Game

Total war: SHOTGUN 2 is a strategy game that has revolutionized again the world of gaming with its fantastic 3-D real time combats and turn based managing of the game. This game has been developed by the Creative Assembly and has been published by SEGA which shows the Medieval History of Japan.

Story Line of The Game

The country of Japan had previously been governed by a single power but now there are many of the sub divided powers or clans that govern their own empire with their own rules. The player has to pay the role of Daimyo who is given the choice of choosing any of the clan from the nine existing clans, after which he is made the leader of that clan.

The ultimate goal of the player is to become the unified leader of all the clans and thus a ruler of whole of the Japan. And for this, the player has to make use of his own military, economy and diplomatic relationship with other clans some of which he will be provided just after choosing his clan and some resources after defeating others in battles and other planning to win.

You are provided with a sixty province map that you have to use for making of all of your decision regarding your army, researches in your area, construction work in your clan and ultimately managing your dynasty.

You have to do all the planning and plotting for attacking and winning the battles for newer regions and to defend your clan when it is being attacked be others.

Features of The Game

  • The battles are equipped with real time strategies and planning that are considered to be turn based and due to this can be considered to be one of the most appealing game.
  • Artificial Intelligence have been introduced for analyzing every move of the player with greater accuracy and flexibility.
  • Single player may be used when you want to play it in your own way and multiplayer option by inviting your friends online for giving it a far better level of complicacy can also be used.
  • Choice of more of the clans are provided in the game including Chosokabe, Hojo, Mori and other ones.
  • Auto Resolve Feature – You are given the choice of auto resolve feature to resolve out any of the battle that you don’t want to fight due to any of the reason that may due to any of your planning, otherwise you have to fight with the enemy.
  • You are able to easily play it on Microsoft Windows on your PC.
  • Generals are provided with more of the characters in Total war: SHOTGUN 2 series increasing the choice to glorious level.
  • More choices of clans is provided for the player increasing the entertainment level of variety.

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