Half life two Episode 3

Further series of Half life have been awaited by the developer Valve for which the users are waiting since a long time.

The game is known as a famous shooter series in which game is played for saving the Earth from the alien’s incursion which is the main motive of the player.

The developer of the game is Valve and the game of the previous series Half Life 2: Episode 2 has also been published by him which has been considered as the franchises last game as it has been since five years till it’s upcoming.

But now the information has come up that Valve will soon going to make the last series and that is not the Episode 2 but Episode 3.

If the series is going to be released any day, then the character of Gordon Freeman will create more of the adventure of fighting with the Combine’s army for demolishing their strength and power on Earth.

Some of the higher members of Valve Corporation has conceived the idea that Half Life: Episode 3, if released is the last part of the series but not of its franchises.

The fight with the Advisors of Combine that have come up to conquer of the Earth will takes place for several times at several positions in the game.

Barney and Alyx may be present along with the Freeman for helping him and fighting against the Combine forces. Hints have been given for suggesting the newer series might be set up on the previous location or on the series having the ice environment.

The previous series is mainly based on the actions of pure type but the newer series might be using some of the more changes to be done for the continued existence.

The emotional-palette also seems to be increased as according to the news. The player has to perform one more of the task that might be drawn from the previous one that the player or the Freeman will not be able to talk and will be like a crow bar…

Now all of the upcoming news shows that the fans have to wait a little more with a BIG EXTRA!

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