Risen 2: Dark Waters

With the improvement in the game from the previous series with a new story line, the new version of the game i.e. Risen 2: Dark Waters has also come up on 31st July, 2012.

The new series has also maintained the success of the famous franchise of the RPG with the introduction of the new characters and with new technicality.

Story Line

The game starts many years after the Risen’s end in a world where the things have changed from the previous one. There exists a catastrophic world in which the humankind has been push to the level to be disappear from the planet that has been devastated by the powerful titans.

Some of the gruesome creatures have appeared from the depth of the water and they are making all the sea faring to be stopped by their attacks on all of others bringing all the work to a big stop.

Player is one of the member of Inquisition is the hero that have been given the responsibility of solving the matter of this disorder that has been caused by the creatures. The mission of the player started with the rumor that the pirates of the island of south know the way to be out from this entire nuisance. And from here the adventure of the game begins.


  • This can be considered to be a pirate based theme, the aim of which is combining of the RPG game play technicalities of the previous series and creating of the new theme of the islands.
  • The most of the deep features of the Risen have been maintained by the Risen 2: Dark Waters.
  • Players are provided a chance of shaping the world of the game to be done with the help of the own decisions of the player which are provided with a large number of approaches for doing that.

Many of the features, proficiency and newer paths can be opened up by the use of these choices that can be used by the player.

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