Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is a game that is famous PC game in which some of the real time tactics has been employed for making of a newly invented world of science. This game has been developed by Ironclad Games and the publication of this game has been done by the famous Stardock Entertainment.

Story Line of The Game

The story line of the game moves in a universe that has been splitted into many parts after their occurred an everlasting war that is still own.

Advent, TEC and Vasari are the three races that are fighting with each other when they couldn’t be able to get out for any final agreement. This fight had resulted into factions of two types: One is of the Loyalists and the other one is of the Rebels.

The basic formation and configuration does not changes between the two but for the six new races that have been formed by the war differ in their tactics and units.

The main role of the player is to control the empire for exploring, expanding, exploiting and exterminating the whole of the universe including multiple galaxies.

More and more you will distill out this complicated genre will be considered as a sign of fight by others for which you have to fight and you are at the war at that time. Now, its your choice you want to fight, negotiate or convince your enemies by using all your skills, powers and strategies as according to your choice of surviving or conquering the whole of the space.


  • Some of the tactics of 4X genre including both of the turn based and real based strategies that have been used in this game for making it to function on real time modes of eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate.
  • This game has been made for the purpose of playing on the Microsoft Windows OS.
  • Factions newly added in this game are for giving you the option of playing as a Rebel or Loyalist with each of these races having different tools, machinery, ships and technique of their own.
  • Visuals of the updated type with new effects of graphics shadow, lights and UI that specifies its race have used for making it much better.
  • Audio of new type with the music having new originality and modest sound effects along with many of the newly introduced voices that have never been heard before have been given to the game.
  • For helping out the new users in starting to build his own solar empire, Tutorials are provided.

Many of the types of flights have been introduced in this game that consists of some with the name:

  • Titan Class Warships
  • Updated Capital Ships
  • New Corvette Class Ships

Reviews of The Game

As announced by the Stardock, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion has broken the records of the company by becoming the fastest selling game from the date of release till now. 100000 copies of the game have been sold out in only one month since its release.

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