Temple Run

The main thing of this interesting game is to run for the saving the life of the player that makes it more interesting.

The story begins after the player has stolen the cursed statue of God from the Temple and now Evil Demon Monkeys are following you for imprisoning you and for pinching you. Now comes your turn and work and that is to escape from their reach.

Actually the game depends on how fast you runs along with all the obstacles including one of the monkeys that are tempered from your action of stealing the tomb.

You have to test your impulses while running down the walls of the antique temple and along the pure rocky cliffs of it. You are given the choices of jumping, sliding and turning for avoiding all the barriers and buying the powers along with the most important thing of collecting coins for increasing your chances of survival.

There is an option of unlocking of ways of moving to next level and increasing your speed of running.

Temple Run Online is a new facility provided to you for playing this online game free of cost from the browser of your own.

This game has become so much popular that Android, Xperia X10 has provided the facility of this game in their apps which you can easily play and share with your friends after beating their scores.

The final decision depends on your ability to bring that Idol to your home and thus winning the game…

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