Speed Kings

Speed Kings can be considered as a game that is famous as a bike racing game that is very famous for the favorite stunts that are done by the players and most often is a game of the arcade style…

Moving through the jam-packed avenue of Speed Kings, the game will take your impulse of nerves with the help of fast lighting and steel.

You will be introduced in the wonderful world of racing in the street riding your motorcycle and weaving in the traffic and becoming the best rider by winning the race.

You will get all stuff of the racing in the game until you get to the reaching line starting from the stunts with pull off, running away from the police and in the end finishing the game race.

The players are provided with the high recital bikes for racing which includes the different models, for touring, road and for sporting. All of these bikes are handles with their top speeds that are different for the different ones.

Performing with top speeds of these bikes along with the stoppers, jumping, wheeling, skidding is the adventure that you will make you the fan of this game. But while playing all these stunts the player has to keep track of one more thing that the attempt that will be failed to achieve could harm both the rider and his bike in real time simulation.

Some of the famous features of this game are as follows:

  • Death defying jumping is provided with the insane stunts which can be done underneath Lorries are provided for the users for making the game unrealistic and exciting.
  • By selecting different riders for your game, you will get a variety in their aggression and taunts along with different riding styles.
  • Controls and handling of the game is of style of arcade games.
  • Extremely pragmatic collide sequences are provided for the racing.
  • For the damage in the real time of bike, System of Deformation is also provided.
  • Concealed tone of giving broad rewards is present.
  • Objects that are destructible within the streets are present in the game with the interactive environments with the help of which traffic has been featured.
  • Point system for the boost of Speed King is also present.
  • Twenty two bikes can be used by the players that are based on the models from the real world.
  • There are five options of multi player and three options for the single players.

The reviews of this game are good and I suggest you to try it once if you have never tried this game…

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