Diablo III

Diablo III is a dark horror fantasy themed tactical action video game with role-playing elements developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Diablo III is a sequel to Diablo II and the third addition in the Diablo series franchise. The game is available on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Diablo III after getting released sold over 3.5 millions copies within first 24 hours of the day and broke several presale records set a new all time record, the game became the most pre-ordered PC games of all the time on Amazon.com.

The gameplay is similar to the previous installments in the Diablo series franchise. The game features a new custom 3D “in house engine” with Havok physics which runs on a wide range of systems and does not require Direct X to run the game.

And this new in house engine features features destructible environments with an in-game damage effect. The game features the dark horror elements and elements of hack and slash, dungeon crawl and action genres. The game takes place in the dark fantasy of world of Diablo series “Sanctuary”.  The game features 3D environmental gameplay, glorious graphics and a variety of new implementations which attracts gamers the most and makes the game a revolutionary one including some other facts too. Diablo 3 have a global play feature for multiplayer gaming and also include a hardcore mode.

Diablo III offers five different classes of characters. Player can choose the desired character to play with, unlike its preceding titles. The Witch Doctor, The Barbarian, The Wizard, The Monk and The Demon Hunter are the five different characters in the gameplay with their different super skills. The Witch Doctor has the powers to call upon monsters, reap souls and heave poisons and explosives at his foes. The Barbarian is a massive, heavily-armed warrior and has incredible physical powers. The Wizard has the super imposing powers to slow time and teleporting past foes and battle with shooting fire and ice at their foes. The monk is great melee attacker, uses his martial arts and blinding skills to defeat foes. The demon hunter is fueled by both discipline and hatred.

Diablo III gives you the worlds best action gaming experience with a lot of new features that boosts your gameplay.

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