The Witch and The Hundred Knights

The Witch and The Hundred Knights is an action-role-playing game developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software. The game has been developed exclusively for PlayStation 3, and has been released on June 28, 2012 in JAPAN and is set to be released on Q1 2013 in North America exclusively for PS3, and the main thing is that the gameplay would be a bit different at a minor extent as seen on the game’s official website which states that the present images of gameplay does not represent the gameplay of NA version which is to be released in 2013.

The story includes two witches living deep within the forest: one is beautiful marsh witch, Metallica, who is actually the main character of the story, and the other one is ugly forest witch, both are engaged in a fatal war against each other for supremacy. Metallica one day encounters the legendary “one hundred cavalry”, able to wield a large broadsword, it has great power but has lost most of its ability to cast magic. It’s also lost the notion of morality and will do brutal things in battle. Metallica used magic summoned into the battle, in hope of gaining the upper hand against her rival. And hopes to get rid of her long time rival, the forest witch, and fill the world with marshland.

Be the Hero and save the world or Go evil and pillage the village. The game is totally stage based game, even after being a stage-based game the player can get back to the previous stage anytime for a revisit or to find paths to new stages. The story will revolve around Metallica’s house. The player will be able to explore the massive open-world with The Witch and The Hundred Knights right after leaving Metallica’s house. Albeit player is dead or say slain, there will not be a “game-over”, player’s all earned points and items that has been collected until then will be lost however.

As reflected above that the player can either serve the world or can just pillage the village. Being a hero player can accept quests from peoples of the town, the player is supposed to help the world, but being an evil he can refuse to help or accept any quest from peoples and even can attack people of the town, which results in alienating them. The game features combat in a hack and slash style, features various special attacks, includes a lot of bloody scenes and includes dark fantasy visual expressions. Be a Hero and battle in hack and slash style with a variety of special attacks hunting the darkness.


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