Prototype 2 (Murder Your Maker)

Prototype 2 is an action-adventure open world video game and a sequel to 2009’s Prototype, developed by Canadian studio Radical Entertainment and published by Activision for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game got released on 24 april, 2012 for consoles.


The main character in the game is James Heller, whose family was killed in the outburst of the Blacklight virus and who blames Alex Mercer as the murderer of his family, and wants to kill Alex Mercer so. James Heller then goes on a mission to demolish the Blacklight Virus.

The game features a dodging system and a new more realistic AI to make sure that enemies do not overwhelm the player. The game features remarkable graphics and new realistic weaponry feature that help Heller to rip the cannon off a tank and use it against enemies. Heller can also blow up objects out of unsuspecting human enemies by injecting the Blacklight virus in them.


Heller this time has come up with massive strength, movement and immunity, and has a sonar sense. Player can easily find a person with the help of a red icon above their head instead of looking in a huge crowd. One of the key features that game offers is tendrils; the game features tendrils which can be used by player for a variety of purposes. Player with the help of a tendril can easily smash a car into a tank. The game gives a great gaming experience throughout the complete gameplay with its amazing new features.


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