Xbox 720 Rumors

It’s true that we have not heard anything official about Xbox 720 (Microsoft’s Next Generation Video-Game Console).I guess the day is not far away that Microsoft itself reveals its next generation gaming console Xbox720’s launching report, however Microsoft has already ruled out of the fact of making any announcement in 2012. We can certainly expect it to get launched in 2014.

Xbox 720 Rumors

Throughout the new additions hard drives have gotten bigger and bigger. It’s a mystery what comes in Xbox 720 concept.
Of course Microsoft next generation gaming console will come up with an upgraded version, Microsoft will find a way for its upcoming gaming console to be a little bit smaller than its available versions. And there may not be need of a physical controller to navigate the Xbox.

One thing to think upon is that Microsoft Purchased skype for $8.5 Billion; however Microsoft has its own software (Windows Live Messenger which offers free instant messaging, and voice- and video-chat.) that considerably overlap with skype. The idea of purchasing skype suggest that it’ll be an integral part of the next generation gaming console that certainly will give user the experience of  live voice and video chat over the console.

Here is some details that skype is working on powering real time voice- and video-chat for Microsoft’s next generation gaming console (Xbox 720) by integrating its voice-over ip platform. Gamers are certainly going to like the idea of integrating skype services in next generation of Xbox which will give them a whole new experience of voice- and video-chat over console.


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