Nintendo GameCube

Nintendo GameCube is Nintendo’s sixth generation gaming console. It is an advancement to Nintendo 64. The Nintendo GameCube became the first Nintendo gaming console to use optical discs as its primary storage medium. All Nintendo GameCube systems support stereoscopic 3D display.Generally competitors to Nintendo GameCube are Sony’s PS2, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Sega’s Dreamcast. In contrast to its competitor, the GameCube uses mini-DVD-based disks instead of full-size DVDs.

Nintendo GameCube

This results in lacking of DVD-Video playback functionality. This disc was the software storage medium for GameCube console, and was created by Matsushita.This disc was based on Nintendo’s first non-cartridge method and was  chosen as a fact to prevent unauthorized copying seeing that mostly with a single DVD containing access to copy its data is preferred by players which certainly affects its stock-selling.

The GameCube fundamentally features two ports that hold memory cards for saving game data. It generally has three official sizes of memory cards which are:
4 Mbit/512KB (gray card)
16 Mbit/2MB (black)
64 Mbit/8 MB (white) and it also support third parties memory cards.

GameCube Controller

Wind grip design of controller gives player the full control over it as it fits well in the player’s hand. Standard Controller generally includes a total of 8 buttons, a D-pad and internal rumble motor. Nearly all models of Nintendo’s console successors to the GameCube, the wii, support GameCube controllers, memory cards and most Games.


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