FIFA 13: A PS3 Game

It indubitably can be called as Heart-Beat of FIFA (revolution of game changing feature) FIFA 13 is a whole new world for football fans and it is inspired by the world’s best football player, Lionel Messi.The graphic, design and the features it provide are simply awesome. The best FIFA game in history I would say.


Experience the real-world football FIFA 13, a whole new revolution in gaming world, defining new attacking intelligence with its creativity; Players can create more opportunities for both defense and offence. There are all new attacking possibilities in FIFA 13.

It delivers players freedom and creativity on attack. Players analyze spaces, changes direction quicker, and look harder and smarter to break down defenses and think three spaces ahead. There are entirely new opportunities for a player to strike opponent down and put a goal. Player does have proper control over the ball that’s how they twist the Game into a real- world experience of football match.

It indisputably has outstanding features ever installed in any game. Some of them are:


  • With attacking intelligence player can turn defense into attack in the wink of an eye.
  • Battle for possession
  • Attack with creativity
  • Player impact engine
  • Precise Dribbling and mobility
  • Attacking intelligence
  • Tactical free kicks

FIFA 13 Iphone, Ipad Application has also been launched.


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